The customer in the European market and the customer from elsewhere – both often want the same, and yet they find each other with great difficulty. Reasons may include cultural differences, language barriers or something else.

Our method for optimal export is based on three points:

  • Good strategy
  • Preliminary sessions
  • Global trade analysis


Do you need a product from the Middle East or Asia? And is it virtually impossible to obtain on home soil? With its extensive network in this region, Holland in Business has the possibility to provide you with all products that are not easy to obtain.

We offer high quality oils, saffron and other products at a competitive price.

Of course, there is the possibility that we offer other products for you on request.

You can choose from our selection of oils and saffron below:



Olive oil

New Markets

Providing your product on a new and unknown market can often be a tricky business. We can assist you in this. New markets have the advantage that your product is a novelty and often well received.

However, in order to make the best possible use of your chances, it is very important that you have gone through all possibilities beforehand. This assignment requires, among other things, knowledge of the local market. We can offer this.


Local expertise and experience, important qualities that you will need to be able to praise your product on foreign markets. By working for years in the Middle East and Asia, we guarantee you good knowledge.

It goes without saying that communication is the key to all success. The most important aspect of communication is that the language is spoken in the country and the market. We can assist you with this at exhibitions. In addition, we can respond well to the cultural differences – after all, one product and idea will be interpreted differently per region.


As a result of globalization, many products enter other markets. It is increasingly common to have a foreign product on your local market. These are often successful companies. Conversely, the same is also true: local products increasingly take hold on the foreign market. Although the quality of the product is very important, it is just as important that you have a good distributor of your products. A good distributor is well-located, has knowledge of his region and ensures that your product is well sold. We ensure that the right distributor delivers your product.