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100% Organic Afghan Saffron

Only we can provide you with the best quality, 100% organic saffron that can be found in the world. You can not find it anywhere else other than here!

Afghan Saffron is known worldwide for its unprecedented quality, special smell, intense taste and its coloring ability.

Our supplier has its own growth facilities in Herat. To improve the production process, it has invested heavily to grow the best saffron varieties, but also to automate the entire process. The purpose of this is, of course, to maximize the quality of the final product, from planting to bulb harvesting, peeling, weeding, plowing and, of course, drying.

After the growing and harvesting is complete, the saffron is transported to the head office in Herat. The on-site laboratory guarantees that the product meets international quality criteria. The saffron is also packed and shipped here.

It is a quality-conscious company and ensures that their products are prepared with the utmost care.

Their mission: to promote the use of saffron worldwide, and of course to offer the customers the best quality of saffron. This at a competitive price with an eye for all details.

Their vision: to grow into one of the largest producers of saffron at the international level, with the future in mind.

Their products: they introduce their products with great pride and pleasure. Their Afghan saffron is the best type available in the world. Below you can see the types of saffron that can be supplied by us on the (inter) national market:

  • Negin Saffron: this type of saffron is very similar to the ordinary Poushal saffron, but the main difference is that this variety has longer saffron threads and is also thicker. The color strength of this saffron species is approximately 250 usp and ensures intense coloring.
  • Sargol Saffron: This wild saffron species provides a very intense coloring. This saffron, originating from Afghanistan, is known for its aroma.
  • Poushal Saffron: as mentioned, it looks a lot like the Negin saffron. The biggest difference is that it gives a slightly less intense coloration.
  • Bundled Saffron: this saffron product is delivered in bundles, which also includes the yellow part of the flower.

We can deliver in different ways, ie packaging, weight and quantity.

Organic Saffron

There are many consumers around the world who are concerned about the health risks of synthetic pesiticides and other substances.

Our supplier uses absolutely no chemical resources for cultivation. Our natural Afghan saffron therefore does not contain synthetic pesticides and other substances. So you can rest assured that our saffron does not involve any health risks.

Pure Saffron

Pure saffron is recognizable by the color of the saffron threads (filaments). If the top of the threads is not partly orange, this indicates the use of a red dye to make the saffron more expensive / better eyes. In addition, there should be no broken wires on the bottom of the pot. This indicates that the saffron is mixed with fake saffron. Finally, it is important to know that there are no yellow or white parts visible, these are other parts of the plant.

Fresh Saffron

Fresh saffron can be recognized by its color and aroma. The color of saffron threads (filaments) should be a strong red color with a light orange color at the top. Moreover, the aroma must be strong and not musty.

High Quality Saffron

The quality of saffron is bound to its freshness and purity. High quality saffron contains only grade I saffron threads (filaments). We always deliver this grade of saffron.