Rose oil

In addition to the worldwide reputation of the rose for its scent and appearance, the oil of this plant has many positive qualities, namely:


Antidepressant: in addition to the effect of the smell, the oil contains ingredients that can influence psychological problems. The exact mechanism behind this is not completely understood, but there are many cases known in which the symptoms strongly decreased after using this oil.

Fever inhibitory: rose oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, which also leads to a reduction of fever if the inflammation occurs as a result of an infection. Because of the anti-inflammatory nature of rose oil, this can also be used in conditions such as rheumatism and gout.

Reduces intestinal spasms: abdominal cramps are common complaints in the general population. Every parent recognizes that his or her child has colic. In low doses rose oil gives a relaxing effect on the intestines.

Antiviral: viral infections occur throughout the year. Colds, but also the flu are an example of this. This oil has a role in the prevention of the aforementioned diseases because of its protective effect.

Laxative: the current increase in age in the Western population, among other things, means that more people suffer from slow-acting intestines. Because of the properties of the oil, this can be used to help here.