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Working with partners / local representatives can give you more income than direct sales, but how can you set up a distribution network abroad?

Holland in Business has expertise in finding a representative/distributor in the country of destination.

Our experts have experience in finding representatives / distributors of your export. We help you in Europe, the Gulf States, the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Africa.

Sales via partner / local representative:

  • Select a country
  • Marketing
  • Contact with different companies
  • Start negotiations with the company
  • Follow up

After analyzing the market in the country of choice, we propose a clear approach to finding a local partner/representative.

First you need to draw up a concept plan for the way in which you want to collaborate with the distributor, in which you discuss what your expectations are and what you have to offer, among other things.

Our experts discuss the list of partners/agents and their interests to work with you. From this list we will come to an agreement from which your distributor appears.

We will assist you in planning a business trip to meet partners/delegates, on request. This saves you time and money. We accompany you on the first visit and any further visits if necessary, and will assist you in selecting a partner/representative to start negotiations.

We will negotiate with you with distributors.

Until your products are actually sold, we will be involved in the process so that no errors will occur.

Working with us means saving time and money.

Finding a distributor / agent and local partner takes a lot of time because of many visits and contacts. We help you to speed up this process and save time and money. You ultimately save your travel expenses, your marketing costs and of course time.

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An international representative / distributor provides a kickstart

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