Which countries and markets are you considering? Which types of products are suitable for your business goals? How can you ensure that your efforts lead to profit? A number of things are important here:

1. Good strategy:

  • Which products do you need to sell abroad?
  • What makes your product unique, cheaper or better than others, or maybe your profit can be achieved in the way you export?
  • Which country do you want to export your products to? we use our thorough analysis.
  • We believe that finding a local partner / agent for small and medium-sized companies is one of the most successful and least risky ways to enter the market.

2. Export after a number of sessions with guidance:

  • In a few sessions we introduce your export route for you. The products you supply will receive the highest priority during these sessions. This means that we ensure that we act on a profit basis.
  • We also evaluate your plans financially. How much capital do you need to enter the new market? We can estimate this amount that you think you need and offer you a financial infrastructure.

3. Global trade analysis: an effective way to find the right country for your export. If you sell tangible goods, our experts in the Netherlands have the tools to analyze this information, and they can choose the country with the most potential for success.

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After all, good export means good preparation.